Wednesday, 21 September 2011

SQLBits Prep...

An overview of what I’ll be covering in my SQLBits session

I have pretty much finished up my slides for my session at SQLBits, and now I’m going over the content I want to discuss for each slide. To give you some idea of what I’m going to discuss, here is the summary page from the session:

  • Requirements
  • Storage concepts
  • Storage options and priorities
  • SAN / DAS
  • HA / DR implications
  • Decide on a storage strategy
  • General guidance

It feels fairly easy to talk about the storage concepts and technologies for ages on end, but the problem is that it can come across as a little dry. I did a quick run through with my team last week and I nearly put some of them to sleep. So this week and next is all about making the content interesting!

I was originally going to avoid using vendor names and naming products, but then the whole discussion becomes very theoretical and difficult to relate to. Therefore I’m going to try to be fair and balanced with everyone I discuss and not mention any products that I really don’t like...

I promise to make the session as informative and interesting as possible!

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